Indian Policies And Approach Towards Technology And ODR Are Too Cautious

Indian Government has been working hard to improve its ease of doing business ranking before the World Bank. As part of this exercise, Indian Government took a bold step and promulgated the New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Ordinance, 2019. A notification issued by the Central Government to acquire properties of ICADR was challenged by ICADR before Delhi High Court that initially granted the stay. However, on 16-05-2019, the stay was vacated (Pdf) and now Central Government would soon take complete control of assets of ICADR.

All this exercise has been done so that India can be a hub for institutional Arbitration. We welcome this effort of Indian Government. But if even after NeGP and Digital India projects all that the Government can think of is alternative dispute resolution(ADR) that proves serious lack of Techno Legal expertise on the part of Government.

We have launched Techno Legal projects like TeleLaw, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), etc to make India a hub for Techno Legal fields and Indian Government is not willing to move ahead. The Government needs not to even do anything and all that it is required to do is to support and adopt already established projects of PTLB. For reasons best known to Indian Government it is lingering too much with traditional legal and judicial functioning and is not willing to adopt technology and projects like TeleLaw, ODR, etc.

What we have deduced from this episode is that Indian policies and approach towards technology and ODR are too cautious. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and Indian Government can use the services of Startups in this regard. We are not saying that Indian Government should avail the services of Startups like PTLB alone but if it wants India to be a Techno Legal hub choosing Startups like PTLB would be a smart move.

Like in the past, we at PTLB are once more expressing our interest and intention to work in collaboration with Indian Government so that India can be a premier Techno Legal destination. The final call is for the Indian Government to take whether it would continue with its ADR preference or is bold enough to realise the dream of India becoming a hub for Techno Legal services.

Access To Justice (A2J) Is A Core Human Right And It Must Be Strengthened

Every human being is entitled to basic needs like housing, food, healthcare and justice. These are core Human Rights that every nation must try to provide. India has its own challenges to provide these basic amenities and the sheer size of the population is an extremely tough challenge to meet.

These elements have to be managed one by one by Indian Government but we at PTLB believe that if Indians can have a timely, economical and readily available justice, many problems, especially those originating out of bad governance, can be eliminated. Indian Government need not to go out of the way to ensure good governance as all that is needed is ensuring justice to our masses.

We have a culture of pro bono legal services in India but that is largely confined to legal aid support provided  by the Government. Many public spirited lawyers too provide pro bono legal services, but their number is too small. With increasing back log of cases and poor performance of our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms like arbitration, Indian Judiciary is over burdened. Backlog of cases is increasing every year and if something is not done right now, we may not be able to control it subsequently.

Many startups and entrepreneurs approached us for legal assistance but their financial capacity was a big hurdle. We could not help them despite our best intentions as a full fledged legal service cannot be provided free of cost or at highly concessional rates.

Nevertheless, this does  not prevent us from helping stakeholders and we launched a pro bono online platform that provided free legal assistance and online dispute resolution (ODR) services to many. This was done as part of our social responsibility and corporate social responsibility.

But even this pro bono effort of PTLB failed to ensure Access to Justice (A2J) for Indians and others. We realised that something crucial is still missing and we understood the significance of a dedicated TeleLaw project that can legally empower Indians. A farmer in an agricultural state of India needs our help as much as a top industrialist. But the paying capacity of both are totally different. At this stage the role of Central and State Governments assumes significance. This collaboration with the Government was missing too and we do not have the resources to ensure last mile connectivity as on date. Without the last mile connectivity and a trained manpower, a poor and illiterate farmer cannot use either Government’s or a private online portal. So Access to Justice (A2J) still remains a distant dream as on date.

We are also exploring partnerships and collaborations with private individuals and industrial players. This includes seeking financial support and funding from not only Government but also national and international fund providers. Technology companies and non profit companies can also help us by extending their existing infrastructures so that people from even the remotest corners of India can avail our concessional legal services.

However, this would only solve one part of the problem. We may be able to provide affordable legal services to the masses but that is not enough. We are also developing some very good Techno Legal skills development projects so that the culture of startups and entrepreneurship can flourish in India. In short, we are focusing very hard upon aspects of employment generation, skills development, wealth creation, etc. But our ultimate goal is to make India a hub for Techno Legal fields so that overall development of India can be a reality.

We may have limited resources but we have unlimited will power and courage and we are committed to ensure Access to Justice (A2J) for not only Indians but also people around the world. We hope this project of ours would bring some comfort, relief and justice to national and international stakeholders.

Exclusive Techno Legal Tele Law Services In India Launched By PTLB

We at PTLB have been testing Techno Legal projects for more than a decade. Based upon our experience we have been launching various Techno Legal projects from time to time. The latest to this list is the launch of India’s exclusive Techno Legal TeleLaw Project by PTLB.

The aim of TeleLaw project of PTLB is to ensure Access to Justice (A2J), Justice for All and affordable legal services to the masses. This may be the aim of Indian Government’s project on TeleLaw too but the TeleLaw project of PTLB is not only very wide but it is also the exclusive one to provide Techno Legal TeleLaw Services in the world.

For instance, we would be providing affordable legal services through our portal for areas like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber crimes investigation, online dispute resolution (ODR), aviation law, cloud computing, e-commerce, startups, Make in India products and services, Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, artificial intelligence, privacy and data protection compliance, e-pharmacy, online gaming, etc that are not available through any other portal in the world.

So we have launched a unique and innovative Techno Legal Project that can be adopted by Indian Government. Our aim is to make India a hub for Techno Legal services and we have already started working in this direction for the field of online dispute resolution (ODR). TeleLaw Project of PTLB is another step in this direction and the newly elected Government post May 2019 election would have implementable Techno Legal Projects in hand. Our Techno Legal Projects would create employment for Indians and would bring wealth and foreign exchange for India.

We would keep on working to make this project more comprehensive, affordable, effective and approachable. However, this is a collective effort and without the participation and involvement of Indian Government and industry, this project may take a longer time to mature.

India has waited for many years but still we are unable to produce a world class technology product or service. We at PTLB hope that this effort of PTLB would put India on the front of Techno Legal projects. Let us claim our position as a Techno Legal leader of the world and show the entire world what mettle Indians are made of.

Let Us Together Create The History.