Expert Lawyers

Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) was started in the year 2002 and since 2002 Perry4Law Law Firm has been a pioneer in Techno Legal services. We are helped in all our projects and endeavours by PTLB for Techno Legal fields. So any curious follower of Techno Legal fields would be knowing that our Lawyers/Partners are world class Techno Legal experts.

We at P4LO do follow the policy of leading by the examples. So the first and foremost duty to cater the requirements of various stakeholders would be upon Lawyers/Partners of P4LO. Only when we would be overburdened with massive Telelaw requests we would seek help of other Lawyers/Experts empanelled with PTLB. Pro bono Lawyers/Experts are most welcome to extend their services in their free time and we would appreciate their precious support and efforts.

This means startups, entrepreneurs, technology companies, etc exploring new Techno Legal fields would be benefitted tremendously. If these startups, entrepreneurs, technology companies, etc have approached us through:

(a) Central Government,

(b) State Government(s),

(c) Startup India,

(d) Make In India,

(e) Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO), 

(f) PTLB,

(g) Foreign Government(s), or

(h) International Organisations like World Bank, IMF, WTO, WIPO, etc

we would provide our Techno Legal services to them in a concessional and affordable manner.

Similarly, if people belonging to marginalised segment are referred to us by any of the above national or international collaborators, we would provide our Techno Legal services to them in a concessional and affordable manner.

For those who can afford our Techno Legal service, we request them not to avail our concessional services as we need money to manage various Techno Legal projects of PTLB that we have been managing in a pro bono manner for many years.

Also Techno Legal services in fields like crypto currencies, e-pharmacies, online gaming, bigger e-commerce areas, etc are not covered by the Telelaw project of PTLB. They have to be availed of by availing our regular professional services.

We would also launch the empanellment drive to empanel Lawyers/Experts for Telelaw project of PTLB soon.