Access To Justice (A2J) And Justice For All

The chief components of Justice are Access to Justice (A2J), Affordability and a Timely Decision: Praveen Dalal.

Telelaw project’s main aim is to ensure Access to Justice (A2J) and Justice for All. This objective cannot be achieved till affordable legal services are available at the doorstep of Indians. We at PTLB are committed to ensure that justice is accessible from the homes of Indians and foreign stakeholders.

This is not an easy task but this is also not an impossible one too. With the presence and use of information and communication technology (ICT) this can be achieved. We have technology methods like e-mails, chatting apps, telephone conferencing, video conferencing, etc that can make the laudable and benign objectives of Access to Justice (A2J) and Justice for All possible.

But we cannot ignore and undermine the magnitude of challenges and level of expertise and knowledge needed to obtain the desired results. Even basic level and traditional legal services are cumbersome and challenging and if they pertain to Techno Legal fields that is a herculean task to manage.

For instance, if a cyber criminal has stolen your money from a bank account, most people are not aware what to do and how to recover back the money. We at PTLB have been helping Indians free of cost to recovery their money in such cases. This is just one example and real life situations create many Techno Legal challenges that ordinary people are not aware of. That is why our Pro Bono training portal has been helping them for long in fields like cyber law, digital payment frauds, cyber crimes investigations, anti phishing public awareness, etc.

We have created a system where Access to Justice (A2J) can be availed within 2-5 minutes. We have made the process as simple as typing few lines in already prescribed forms and columns. Telelaw project of PTLB is the next stage of this process where additional technologies and options would be available soon. We have also launched a profesisonal portal for big companies and individuals who can afford our services. A portion of money so earned would be used to manage the pro bono services of PTLB till proper funding is obtained for our Telelaw project and other Techno Legal projects.

You can get concessional and affordable Techno Legal services from our  Telelaw portal and Expert Lawyers if any of the specified national or international collaborator refers you to us.

However, Techno Legal services in fields like crypto currencies, e-pharmacies, online gaming, bigger e-commerce areas, etc are not covered by the Telelaw project of PTLB. They have to be availed of by availing our regular professional services.

We hope national and international stakeholders would find our Techno Legal projects on online dispute resolution (ODR), Telelaw, etc useful.