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TeleLaw is one of the Techno Legal projects of PTLB and other projects of PTLB include online dispute resolution (ODR), e-courts, online skills development, etc. There are some unique and innovative projects in pipeline that would be disclosed by us at appropriate time.

Telelaw project of PTLB is unique, innovative and can help India to become a global leader in Telelaw services in general and Techno Legal services in particular. For instance, we have been working to make India a global leader in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), institutional ODR and a hub for international ODR. Very soon we would launch a dedicated project in this regard too.

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The Telelaw Project of PTLB has some very laudable objectives. First and formost Telelaw project would help in strengthening of Access to Justice (A2J) in India and other jurisdictions. Secondly, the project would help startups, entrepreneurs, business community, rural community, marginalised segments, etc alike. Thirdly we would develop a framework for Techno Legal compliance in India that would go a long way for developing fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), telecommunications, space law, etc in India. In short, this project is the beginning of a new Techno Legal era in not only India but globally.

Let us create the history now.