Cyber Crimes Victims Can Now Seek Help Of Telelaw Project Of PTLB

Cyber crimes have become a big nuisance world over, including India. Cyber criminals are stealing money from innocent people by using phishing, spear phishing, social engineering and other similar tactics. As India is a comparatively new country that is using information and communication technology (ICT), this has made India a heaven for cyber criminals. They are targeting first timers and are also getting success in many cases.

We are running a pro bono online dispute resolution (ODR) portal that has been dealing with these case free of cost for many years. Our experience has shown how gullible Indians are and how powerless they are to fight against such cyber criminals. The problem is not that these cyber criminals are smart enough not to be caught. The real problem is that our banks, police and even courts are not helping these victims and they have to bear the loss ultimately.

A major hurdle before these cyber victims is lack of Access to Justice (A2J) and affordable legal services. Firstly, there are only a handful of cyber lawyers who can help such victims. Secondly, their professional charges are well beyond the paying capacities of these cyber crimes victims. That is why we launched the Exclusive Techno Legal TeleLaw Project of PTLB that is helping these cyber crimes victims to get Access to Justice (A2J) and affordable legal services right at their doorsteps.

There is no other Techno Legal TeleLaw services provider in the world that is providing affordable legal services to cyber crimes victims. However, we expect the cyber crimes victims to be vigilant too. They must not only avoid disclosing sensitive and personal information to random callers but they must also be aware of the scope and services of TeleLaw Project of PTLB.

If you have a doubt about a transaction or offer, you can approach the TeleLaw website of PTLB and we would help you in an affordable manner. Think before you act is the prudent norm that all Indians should follow. Also the role of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is not upto the mark. The RBI has neither enforce the adoption of robust cyber security policies by Indian banks nor its ombudsmen is helping cyber crimes victims. When we were dealing with cases of credit/debit cards frauds, we realised that many of such victims failed to get justice from even RBI’s ombudsmen.

If you are a victim of cyber crime, the best method to approach us is to contact us as soon as possible. The more you wait and the more you engage with the authorities in an unprepared manner, the greater are the chances that your money would not be recovered. We have integrated our TeleLaw project with many more Techno Legal divisions of PTLB that can provide you the most effective solutions in a timely and economical manner.

Another area where the cyber crime victims needs to improve is the presentation of the information about cyber crimes. we cannot help you if you simply say that you have been cheated by some person. We need more details like who placed the call or sent you the e-mail, how the cheating took place, what is the amount of money involved, have you approached any authority in this regard, etc. A single line without any information would not get you anywhere.

So do not waste your time running here and there and approach us directly with a reference. If there is nobody to give you a reference for concessional legal services of TeleLaw, do not be disheartened. You can approach either Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) or PTLB for the same and we would refer your case to TeleLaw Project. For instance, Association for People of Haryana (AFPOH) has been authorised to make a reference on behalf of rural communities, farmers, marginalised segment of people, etc. Other Projects and Twitter handles of P4LO and PTLB can also be approached for getting a reference.

Let us together fight this menace of cyber crimes in India.

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