Seed Funding And Angel Investment Opportunities For TeleLaw Project

We feel overwhelmed and speechless with the response that we have received for our TeleLaw Project from national and international stakeholders. Whether they are our collaborators or tech solutions providers or fund providers, everybody has been very generous to us. It is amazing how national and international stakeholders can group together to create wonderful products and services. Both LinkedIn and Twitter played a major role in forming a team of like minded people from around the globe within few days of interaction. So use social media portals like LinkedIn and Twitter for networking and collaboration.

While seeking like minded team and investors for our TeleLaw Project, we came across wonderful people who are an ocean of knowledge in their respective fields. For some time we literally forgot that we were also looking for funds for our TeleLaw Project as we just kept on learning from them. A special thanks to Indian investors and serial entrepreneurs who are very cooperative in helping startups and entrepreneurs. No matter wherever these Indian torchbearers are residing, they are always available to help Indian startups and entrepreneurs.

However, what we felt (and we may be wrong) is that while explaining about projects that do not fall in the common stream (like legaltech), there is some difficulty in appreciating the true impact, nature and significance of these projects. May be that is why project reports and pitch decks are insisted upon but no document can ever reveal the true nature of a project and a common understanding of both the project and its funding requirements is need of the hour.

In this post we are trying to explain what TeleLaw project is all about. We are maintaining a dedicated blog for TeleLaw Project so that national and global stakeholders can know more about it. We have also uploaded a brief project report (pdf) and pitch deck  (pdf) for the TeleLaw and other projects of PTLB. We are always available on LinkedIn, Twitter, e-mails. Skype, WhatsApp, etc to answer further questions and queries and to collaborate with like minded people.

So let us start explaining the brief details about TeleLaw Project. The TeleLaw Project is a combination of technological and legal aspects clubbed together in a single portal to serve national and international stakeholders. It is a professional and commercial project that is also providing pro bono services to those who cannot afford contemporary and complicated techno legal services. This pro bono initiative is undertaken as part of our corporate social responsibility and to bridge the access to justice and justice for all gap that is currently in existence world wide.

We have empowered national and international organisations and various segments of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and PTLB to refer and recommend people who would be entitled to our pro bono services. If a stakeholders in unable to get a reference for pro bono services, any of our Twitter handle can refer him/her for the services. So no genuine person would  be denied our techno legal assistance in any case as we would help him/her/it in one form or another.

As far as clients and targeted stakeholders are concerned, TeleLaw Project is meant for business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), business to government (B2G) and other segments. It has unique techno legal offerings for almost all national and international stakeholders. For instance, TeleLaw Project would work in close association with open source projects in legaltech, edutech and techlaw fields. TeleLaw would also collaborate with international organisations working in the fields of cyber law, cyber security, intellectual property rights, international trade, etc. TeleLaw would also collaborate with stakeholders working in the fields of techno legal education and skills development. TeleLaw would collaborate with global legal fraternity, para legals, judicial institutions, etc too.

We are bound by the professional commitments and ethical norms and we cannot disclose the details of projects on which we are collaborating with national and international partners. Sufficient is to say that for the present TeleLaw project we have just scratched the surface. The TeleLaw Project would soon be supported by latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, blockchain, etc and many more tech features would be added to it soon. Not only tech, but many more business models and features would be added to it too.

As far as legal status of TeleLaw is concerned, it is backed up by two legal entities. These are PTLB Projects LLP and TeleLaw Private Limited and they have been recognised as edutech, legaltech and techlaw startups by both Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade ( DPIIT ) and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. So they are not liable to angel tax and have other regulatory and compliance benefits too.

Last but not the least. What we love most about TeleLaw Project is that it is an integrated and holistic project. We have created the project in such a manner that other techno legal projects of PTLB and P4LO could be used to strengthen it further. Consider an example in this regard. The company A is our client and it is seeking techno legal services of TeleLaw. Now from contract drafting/contract reviewing to resolution of any potential dispute, TeleLaw project can manage everything without a single person leaving his/her home. Everything is online, including the dispute resolution system. We have a professional and paid online dispute resolution portal that can be used for global dispute resolution. We also have a pro bono and training ODR portal that is currently being used by various Indian stakeholders to resolve their disputes. The best part is it just takes 2 minutes to initiate the dispute resolution process at our ODR portals. So TeleLaw would be a single place techno legal portal that would be used by global stakeholders for multiple purposes and this makes it a very significant and profitable venture to invest in.

It is neither possible nor feasible to explain everything about TeleLaw Project in public domain and in an open manner. But this post, along with the links provided in it, would be sufficient for our collaborators, tech suppliers and fund providers to make up their mind and to invest in the same in best possible manner. We invite our Indian investors to extend seed funding and angel investment to TeleLaw project so that we can grow together and make India a hub for techno legal services.