TeleLaw Project Of PTLB Filed RTI Application Against Ministry Of MSME For Failing Digital India

As our readers must be aware that we are in the process of streamlining and empowerment of MSME sector in India. On our preliminary examination, we found that Ministry of MSME is not at all MSME friendly. To make the situation worst, Ministry of MSME has least inclination to use and adopt modern technologies. As a result while Modi Government is trying to implement Digital India project yet Ministry of MSME is actually working in the opposite direction.

We at PTLB Projects are working very hard to make India a Global leader in Techno Legal fields but the bureaucrats and Indian politicians are least interested in making India a Digital Economy. All they are interested in is oppression of Indians using unconstitutional and Orwellian technologies like Aadhaar. And we are fighting against this gross violation of Civil Liberties and Human Rights of Indians by Indian Government.

We have established a “No Aadhaar Zone” where stakeholders can operate and manage their businesses and affairs in  a surveillance free environment. For that we have developed a “New India Model” where Techno Legal Projects of PTLB are empowering national and international stakeholders. One such projects if TeleLaw Project of PTLB that is ensuring Access to Justice (A2J) and Justice for All at global level.

In one such Digital Empowerment drive, TeleLaw Project was testing the Digital India awareness and readiness of the Ministry of MSME. It is really surprising that the Ministry of MSME is not at all aware of technology aspects and they are not using it in any manner. Even their Twitter account is almost inactive and they are not responding back to the queries of citizens. This is a bad governance example especially when Modi Government is claiming that Digital India is successful. We tried our level best to inculcate good technology driven Good Governance at Ministry of MSME but the Ministry is well committed to renounce technology in all aspects.

So to bring out the truth of adoption of Digital India by Ministry of MSME, we filed an RTI Application (Pdf) at the online RTI portal of Indian Government. Now that is another struggle in itself. The Digital Payments that our Indian Government is so vigorously projecting is in a real bad shape. The SBI is managing the digital payment gateway for RTI Portal of Central Government and every time you use it , it give a failure message. Then subsequently you have to make a follow up with the Indian Government to get the RTI Application number manually. Thus, neither Digital India nor digital payments are in good shape no matter how much money Indian Government waste on making their positive image through advertisements.

We would update our readers about the development in this regard as soon as we get any information.