Contempt Of Court And Digital India Non Compliance By Ministry Of MSME: An Open Letter To Our Beloved Narendra Modi Ji

Dear Narendra Modi Ji

Greetings from Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and PTLB Projects that are incessantly working in the direction of making India a Global Leader in Techno Legal Fields.

We have been empowering poor, farmers, needy people, marginalised segments, startups, MSMEs, etc through our Techno Legal projects. In one such project, we are trying to streamline the processes at Ministry of MSME by using technology and other processes that can bring transparency and accountability in the Ministry of MSME.

However, the Ministry of MSME is not only illegally forcing Aadhaar even after the decision of Constitution Bench of Supreme Court but is also mocking the Digital India and Indian Cyber Law. As per the Information Technology Act, 2000 and well accepted and implemented policy of Indian Government, electronic documents are accepted all over India in multiple Ministries and Departments. Insisting that documents should be sent in paper form only is not only waste of money and time but would also cost us precious trees and our environment.

We first communicated with the Ministry of MSME over e-mail and when the Ministry failed to act on time, we filed an RTI Application (PDF). The intention is to make the functionalities and processes of Ministry of MSME as much online as possible. But Ministry of MSME is not cooperating in this regard and is frustrating our Digital India and New India Model.

We have attached the entire development and communications with Ministry of MSME for your perusal in the hope that we may be allowed to streamline the processes and applications in Ministry of MSME and Digital India would actually be effective.

Please look into the matter urgently and take corrective steps so that bureaucrats and Ministries like MSME do not take Citizens, Digital India and New India for granted.

Warm Regards

Praveen Dalal
Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx
New Delhi, India.

(1) Update 1 (21-06-2019): Today the Contempt of Court and violation of provisions of IT Act 2000 by Ministry of MSME has been escalated to next levels. We would update our readers about the same and its outcome soon.

(2) Update II (01-07-2019): Today we filed a RTI Application before the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) regarding establishing transparency and accountability among Government Departments and Ministries. We also sought information about the Government’s pet project Digital India so that its actual implementation and truth can be revealed.

(3) Update III (02-07-2019): Yesterday (on 01-07-2019) we filed a RTI Application at PMO as the grievance officer was sitting upon our grievance. Today the grievance officer has forwarded our grievance to the head of the department at Ministry of MSME. We are committed to bring digital governance, Digital India, e-delivery and Good Governance in all Govt Departments and Ministries in India.

(4) Update IV (05-07-2019): After much follow up, the RTI filed on 01-07-2019 at PMO was finally registered today on 05-07-2019. While RTI Portal of Delhi Government is instantly registering the RTIs yet RTI Portal of Modi Government is taking 4 days just to register and communicate the RTI  number. Now think how much time would be taken by Modi Government to dispose off the RTI Application. On the other hand, RTI Applications in the Chief Minister Office (CMO) and Deputy Chief Minister Office  (DyCMO) of Delhi are moving in a 1 day cycle. So a RTI filed before Delhi Govt is not only instantly filed but it is also forwarded for prompt action within 1 day and this includes the time of filing of RTI Application too.